Board of trustees    

Viera Liebe

Hannes Liebe

MUDr. Marek Krajci

Ing. Peter Curik

Our team    

Global team

Viera is Executive Director of GFaH and is in charge of GFaH strategy, leading the management teams. She makes sure that everything in GFaH run smoothly.

Viera Liebe

Barbora is in charge of international operations, she is leading finances, controlling, corporate sponsorships and volunteering, communication and PR.

Barbora Vackova

Natasa is in charge for advocacy in the USA. She is the good soul in the background and always keeps encouraging us.

Natasa Laurovic

Ugandan team

Annamaria is our Project Manager in Uganda, she is leading all our construction projects, as well as maintenance and farming teams.

Annamaria Kissova

Norah is our CEO in Uganda. She is also the point of contact for our Virtual Adoption program and communication with sponsors of the children.

Norah Kobusinge

Nelda is our Head of Children's Home in Uganda, managing the operation and staff looking after wellbeing of our children.

Nelda Apiyo

Tophil is the Headmaster of our School in Uganda, managing the operation and staff in the nursery and primary school.

Tophil Ochwo

Enos is our Head of Farming

Enos Abomuhangi

Mutwalibi is our Head of Maintenance and Facilities

Mutwalibi Guloba

German team

Caroline is chairwoman of Good Future and Hope Deutschland e.V. and is the primary point of contact for German speaking sponsors.

Caroline Liebe-Esmi

Susi is the deputy chairwoman of Good Future and Hope Deutschland e.V and is the secondary point of contact for German speaking sponsors.

Susi Liebe-Pendleton

Elsbeth is the treasurer of Good Future and Hope Deutschland e.V and is the single point of contact for German financial topics.

Elsbeth Liebe


We chose to create a world where giving precedes receiving. A world where each child, irrespective of social-predispositions, is liable to a good future and hope. We believe in good future and hope as an unconditional promise for each child.



Our eyes are open to those children who get overlooked. We liaise with the local communities to ensure that each one of them has access to education, basic medical care, nutritious food and home. We strive to create an environment where love is not a prize to be won but a free gift to embrace. We believe in raising a new generation that will positively change their communities and nations



How we work.


We all take personal responsibility for financial gifts and other resources entrusted to us. We ensure that they are used efficiently and contribute to the fulfilment of our vision.

Our local partners are loyal. External accounting and auditing firms provide their services to GFaH in Slovakia, Uganda, Germany and Myanmar. We regularly issue reports on the activities of the foundation.


Our activities have an unequivocal purpose - the children in need, especially the orphaned and street children. What we do is an investment in their future and hope for a better life.


Our projects solve specific problems and fulfill needs such as daily food, nutrition, healthcare and education. The support is connected to and focused on specific children included in our programs.

We proceed step by step. We focus on areas where we are sure that we will see positive benefits for the children. We do not lose sight of our goals; everything we do must contribute to the fulfillment of our vision.

We set goals and implement the appropriate measures on site in order to be able to review and measure the progress.


Through our activities, we support the development of the local economy. Therefore, we buy all the material, food and necessities in the local markets or from the local manufacturer if possible. We employ local people to work in the children homes, school and on the construction site.

We aim to support the local communities, start self-sustaining projects and help children to become independent. In this way, we want to avoid the long-term dependence on the sponsors from abroad.